Why Leak Detection is a Necessity in Healthcare Settings

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Healthcare settings such as clinics, hospitals, labs, and manufacturing plants require the highest degree of hygiene and efficiency, and here’s how liquid leak detection system can benefit them.

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Healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, dialysis centers, and many more, are some of the most strictly regulated and maintained spaces. There is no room for error in allowing leaks to occur in these critical facilities. Operating rooms, labs, clean rooms, and general check-up areas are some of the most vulnerable spaces and those that require constant monitoring and efficiency.

Any undetected leak could lead to significant damages to the facility itself, sensitive medical equipment, ongoing operation and worst of all, affect patient outcomes. To prevent such disasters we advice having a leak detection system installed. Leak detection systems are there to help you continuously monitor leaks before the they cause major disruption to one’s facility. Here are some of the most efficient uses and benefits of leak detection systems in various healthcare settings:

Early Water Leak Detection

Water leaks are commonly found in healthcare facilities from aging overhead pipes, water filtration systems, and equipment feed lines such as dialysis equipment among many others. If leaks are left unattended for extended period of time could lead to serious breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

An intelligent water leak detection system is crucial for early detection of water leaks and alerting facility maintenance staff so the issue can be addressed immediately to avoid any service disruptions. But not all leak detection systems are created equal. It is paramount to consider various factors such as specific areas to monitor, BMS integration, ongoing service and maintenance requirements. PermAlert leak detection system is designed to easily integratable with any backend system. The ruggedized sensor is insensitive to any dust or dirt buildup which is ideal for remote and hard to reach locations and require no maintenance.

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Leak Detection is Essential for Backup Generators

But water is hardly the only liquid found in a healthcare facility. Diesel backup generators are must-haves in healthcare facility. The 24/7 uptime requirement for hospital means that the backup generator must always be on standby. Any equipment malfunction or fuel leak must be addressed immediately.  Fuel storage, day tank, transmission pipe and the generator itself are potential areas of fuel leak. Therefore, it is important to consider selecting leak detection system for detecting fuel as well.

PermAlert leak detection system is capable of detecting ANY LIQUID which is extremely beneficial to healthcare facility such as hospitals that uses many different liquids. With PermAlert control panel, facility maintenance team do not need to manage multiple systems to monitor leaks across the facility. Additionally, PermAlert is an FM Approved system that met the stringent FM-7745 standard for both water and fuel leak detection. Learn more about our leak detection products and services here.

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A simple leak detection system can help keep costs low, maintain the safety and hygiene standards at a hospital or alternative setting, and improve efficiency by a mile. It’s a simple, cost-effective solution for any healthcare facility’s long-term maintenance and upkeep and definitely worth it.

PermAlert offers some of the most advanced intelligent leak detection systems globally, which can benefit any healthcare setting such as a hospitals, clinics, centers, or labs. Our state-of-the-art FM-approved leak detection systems will pick up on the slightest changes in temperature, pressure, or other factors that contribute to leaks and help you address them before they lead to issues.

If you’d like to know more about our pipeline leak sensor installation services or need an estimate for your facility, reach out to us today, and we’ll help you.

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