Control Panels

PAL-AT/TS® Series
PAL-AT® Series
LiquidWatch II® Systems

The PAL-AT/TS series is the latest touchscreen model capable of monitoring cable and probe sensors. The enhanced user interface includes a real-time graphical layout display.

Versatile system capable of monitoring both cable and probe sensors within the single channel. Monitor up to 35,000 ft in a single system.

Probe sensing system can monitor up to 64 probes and 16 programmable relays.

FluidWatch® Systems
FluidWatch® II Systems

Plug and play system ideal for water and hydrocarbon leak detection in small area.

Compact system designed for remote water leak detection of small area.

Sensors & Probes

AGW-Gold Sensing Cable
AGW-Plus Sensing Cable
AGT-Gold Sensing Cable

Chemical resistant and quick drying sensing cable designed for water and corrosive chemical used.

The AGW-Plus sensor cable has the flexibility to detect both water-based and hydrocarbon liquids.

Wicking cable with fast reaction time designed for high sensitivity used. Cable works with water and chemicals.

TFH-Gold Sensing Cable

Fast reaction wicking cable designed to detect hydrocarbon only.

ATP Sensing Cable
ATP Sensing Cable
PWS Probe

Highly durable sensor cable designed for insulated pipe applications.

Highly durable sensor cable designed for insulated pipe applications.

Precision and reusable water sensing probe.

PFS Probe
PHLR Probes

Hermetically sealed float switch designed for level sensing in tank application.

Reusable hydrocarbon probe sensor.


PALCOM Manager®

Standalone software to perform configuration and diagnostic of system.

Enterprise level software to manage and monitor all networked PermAlert leak detection systems. Integrated web application allow for connection and configuration to all PermAlert systems from anywhere and anytime.


PermAlert Leak Detection
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