PermAlert is a leading provider for liquid leak detection system. For over 30 years, we design, manufacture and service a range of leak detection systems for a variety of applications. Our commitment in innovation allow us to deliver the best and most reliable solution for you.

Data Centers

Trusted by the most recognized data center operators throughout the world, PermAlert offers advanced leak detection systems that protects critical infrastructure from unexpected leaks that could cause service interruptions.

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PermAlert leak detection system can detect water ingress, fuel and chemical leaks before they lead to health hazards.

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Commercial Buildings

When leaks go unnoticed, not only can it cause major structural integrity damage to buildings, but it can delay the business operations and office schedules. Protect your facility with PermAlert leak detection systems that will detect leaks before it becomes a major problem

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Oil & Gas

PermAlert builds world-class leak detection system technology for pipelines and critical infrastructure with heightened monitoring, alerts, and safety to protect oil and gas assets.

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Sensing cable can be deployed in trenches connecting supply and return piping to detect water and/or hydrocarbon leaks. Sensing cable can monitor over long distances up to thousands of feet.

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PermAlert Leak Detection
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