Leak detection system for a safer and more sustainable world.

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Liquid Cooling
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All-in-one leak detection system for any application!
Detect any liquids (water, fuel, chemical, and dielectric fluids)

Liquid & water leak detection systems are typically purposed built to detect specific liquids based on compatibility. For example, the sensor used to detect water is very different from detecting hydrocarbon or highly corrosive chemicals. Configuration of the sensor can also vary greatly based on applications. PermAlert has greatly improved its leak detection technology for the past 20 years. The latest PAL-AT series can effectively detect ANY liquid and remove the need for multiple types of sensors used for leak detection in a facility.

Water Leak Detection & Liquid Detection Systems

Liquid detection and water leak detection technology provide a path to a safer, sustainable future. Our liquid detection systems provide protection from any leak — including water, fuel, chemicals, and dielectric fluids.

A Solid Choice for Liquid Leak Detection

The future belongs to those who innovate. That’s why PermAlert develops technology to assist today’s data centers and commercial enterprises.
Data centers, in particular, have been migrating to liquid and immersion cooling systems to boost their efficiency and enhance their sustainability. But these benefits come with the risk of leaks and exposure to corrosive compounds.

Most leak detection systems are designed to detect only one type of liquid: A water leak detection system cannot detect a hydrocarbon leak and vice versa. That’s why PermAlert has uniquely engineered an all-in-one liquid leak detection system, providing total protection from water, hydrocarbons, and dielectric fluids.

Our versatile solutions can be customized to fit your business and can be deployed in both indoor and outdoor locations. As a result, your facility will enjoy greater protection and peace of mind.

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Avoid Costly Repairs and Prevent Service Downtime with Our Help

Aging pipes, and poorly installed plumbing can lead to significant leaks and damages if left unchecked.  And in mission critical facilities such as hospitals, data centers and airports, leaks can cause extensive service interruptions which could be extremely costly.

At PermAlert, we specialize in leak detection systems to help keep your facility operating in optimal condition. Our detection systems are FM approved and can detect any liquid leaks such as water, acid, corrosive chemicals and hydrocarbon fuel.

Our smart leak detection systems are highly effective and engineered to detect leaks with pinpoint accuracy and fast response time.  They are highly scalable and versatile system that can be deployed in indoor and outdoor environments as well as rated for hazardous locations.

Invest in leak detection system to protect your mission critical facilities and infrastructure.

Optimal Safety, Optimal Performance

Until now, most leak detection systems were optimized for one compound only. But such a limited liquid leak detector is inadequate to meet the evolving needs of 21st-century businesses. By investing in an all-in-one liquid detection system, you’ll experience total protection, faster response, and complete peace of mind.

Protect Vital Components

Liquid leaks can wreak havoc on sensitive equipment. They result not only in costly repairs but also catastrophic interruptions when they damage mission-critical components in hospitals, airports, and data centers.

A liquid detection system helps these facilities achieve greater protection and control, preventing disruptions in their operational efficiency.

Guard Against Hazards

Many organizations rely on dielectric fluids, acids, and hydrocarbons. These fluids can cause damage when they leak directly onto sensitive components. They may also be hazardous to humans and the environment — and hydrocarbons pose an additional fire risk.

A liquid leak detection system alerts you to these leaks and spills, allowing you to address a hazard before caustic chemicals jeopardize your physical infrastructure or the health of your valued team members.

Pursue Environmental Sustainability

The liquids used by today’s businesses can be caustic to the environment. In an age where businesses are under greater scrutiny from environmental regulations, it’s vital that your leak detection system is capable of alerting you to these hazards.

Modern systems help you clean up quickly so you can maintain your commitment to the environment.

Avoid Costly Repairs

A liquid leak won’t just damage your equipment; it can also lead to an interruption in service that deprives you of revenue. And these aren’t the only consequences. Consider the costly damage that a catastrophic leak can do to your public reputation.

The best way to prevent these outcomes is by detecting leaks as they happen so that you can mitigate the issue before small leaks create large problems. PermAlert’s leak detection systems allow you to do just that, potentially saving your company thousands in costly repairs and cleanup efforts.

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Featured Products

PermAlert offers several purpose-built liquid leak detection systems to satisfy requirements for various commercial or industrial applications.

Innovating Liquid Leak Detection Systems

At PermAlert, we’re proud to offer a spectrum of liquid and water leak detection systems. Here are some of our core products:

PAL-AT Leak Detection System with Sensing Cable

The PAL-AT system is the most reliable and versatile leak detector, capable of detecting any liquid and providing 24/7 coverage for your organization. This system, which has FM-7745 approval, offers pinpoint accuracy with alerts sent to your mobile device.

LiquidWatch Detection System with Probe

The LiquidWatch system is tailored for water treatment plants and can monitor up to 64 probes simultaneously. These chemical-resistant probes provide 24/7 coverage and can be scaled to cover long distances.

PAL-XD Liquid Detection System

The PAL-XD system is among our newest models, and it’s ideal for sensing fuel and dielectric fluids. Organizations that rely on immersion cooling can enjoy around-the-clock protection, and the sensors also guard against diesel and hydrocarbon leaks.

FluidWatch Pro Leak Detection System

The FluidWatch Pro is our latest model, designed for use in small commercial buildings. The system can connect to your building’s Wi-Fi, and you can manage it using PALCOM Manager, PermAlert’s intuitive cloud-based software.

Support and Protection

As a PermAlert client, you’ll receive ongoing support to keep your system working at optimal performance.

Preventive Maintenance

All PermAlert customers receive preventive maintenance, ensuring that leak detection systems are prepared to handle future challenges.

Technical Documents

PermAlert provides technical guides for all products, including quick-start guides that you can use for installation, training, and integration into your organization.

Firmware Updates

We provide a valid license code that allows PermAlert customers to optimize the performance of their leak detection system, extend their battery life, and address bugs and other issues.

Video Installation Guides

The PermAlert website contains a series of videos that introduce our products, as well as guides that explain how to install and use each system.

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Water. Chemical. Hydrocarbon. No Problem.

Whether it is for generator fuel system, battery acid storage or HVAC water line, PermAlert has the right leak detection solution

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Leak detection system protecting data centers.
Leak detection systems for industrial pipeline leakage monitoring.

Engineered tough

Industry leading rugged sensing cable engineered and built to last.

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Safe sensing for hazardous applications

FM Global certified and ATEX approved intrinsically safe systems designed for hazardous locations (Hazloc). PermAlert Hazloc-ready panels are engineered with safety in mind.

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leak detection for the integrity of O&G pipeline systems.
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New enterprise software

PALCOM Manager® – web based real-time remote monitoring and reporting software solution. Access and monitor your PermAlert leak detection systems from anywhere.

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Why PermAlert?

PermAlert systems are manufactured and rigorously tested in our ISO 9001 certified US facility. With superior technology and unparalleled reputation for reliability, we can ensure your business is well protected for the long term with our smart leak sensors and systems.

  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Quality and Reliability
  • Global Support
  • Dedicated Team
Why PermAlert water leak detection and liquid detection systems work.

PermAlert has been providing innovative, flexible solutions for leak detection for over 35 years. During that time, we’ve been proud to devise solutions that offer ongoing benefits to a diverse array of clients, including:

  • Data centers
  • Clean room manufacturing (pharmaceuticals and semiconductors)
  • Water treatment plants
  • High-rise facilities
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Fuel depots

Each of these industries has benefited from the flexible, sustainable solutions that our products offer.

Manage Your Liquid Leak Detection System from Anywhere

Experience the advantage of PALCOM Manager. This enterprise-level software is optimized to serve a variety of industries, offering around-the-clock monitoring of all networked PermAlert liquid detection systems.

Cloud-based technology allows you to manage your leak detectors from anywhere, and you can access the intuitive dashboard from your phone or mobile device.

If a leak occurs, authorized users will receive an alert. This feature allows you to respond to emergencies as they happen, preventing downtime and reducing the risk of costly repairs.

The PALCOM Manager also stores all data, creating logs and audit trails that you can use to support compliance and devise solutions to keep your system functioning at optimal efficiency.

Unlike other providers, PermAlert provides a comprehensive liquid leak detection solution that can assist businesses that rely on HVAC water lines, generator fuel, battery acid, and dielectric fluids, as well as caustic compounds and flammable hydrocarbons. And with our cloud-based software, you can manage your system from anywhere in the world.

Leak Detectors Built to Last

Each of our leak detectors uses sensing cables and other components designed to withstand the test of time, along with exposure to the caustic chemicals they’re designed to detect. Additionally, our advanced technology minimizes the risk of false positives, even for industries that operate in dusty environments.

Safety in Any Industry

PermAlert’s leak detection systems are built with safety in mind. Our leak detectors are optimized for monitoring concerns like pipeline leakage and airport fuel systems, and they can be tailored to your unique industry. With PermAlert, safety and sustainability go hand in hand.

Case Study: Leak Detection System for a Floating Data Center

No two organizations are alike — and neither are their leak detection needs. In 2021, PermAlert partnered with Nautilus Data Technologies, which had commissioned its first floating water-cooled data center.

The company used water from the San Joaquin River to cool its systems, eliminating the need for refrigerants and water treatment chemicals and minimizing its environmental impact.

As you can imagine, a floating data center presents an unusual challenge. But it was a challenge that PermAlert was proud to meet. Our company successfully installed the PAL-AT Water leak detection & liquid detection system throughout the entire pumping station.

Now, Nautilus enjoys protection throughout its 10,000-square-foot facility. And because the PAL-AT leak detector offers hassle-free maintenance, ongoing costs were kept to a minimum. The advanced technology in this system also minimizes the risk of false alarms, even in a dusty environment.

Intelligent Leak Detection

Our all-in-one liquid detection and water leak detection systems provide reliable, sustainable solutions for any industry. Are you ready to see for yourself? Contact our team today to discuss your company’s needs or request a quote.

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