Data Center Environmental
Leak Detection Monitoring System


With increasing demand for high availability and 5 nines reliability, redundancy is needed across all critical systems in data centers. It’s imperative that everything from your server rooms to your entire network is covered. Protect your data center from unexpected service interruption from leaks with PermAlert 24/7 data center leak detection monitoring systems

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PAL-AT® System All in One Control

Leaks can occur in cooling system equipment and water pipes throughout the data center. The PAL-AT system offers a versatile solution that can monitor with cable and probe sensors in a single control.

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Fuel System Monitoring

The backup generator is a critical equipment to ensure power redundancy. PermAlert industry leading fast respond fuel sensor allow early detection of any fuel leaks within the fuel system.

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Chemical Leak Detection

PermAlert highly durable detection cable can detect any chemical leak or spills from battery storage and water treatment facility.


PermAlert Leak Detection
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