How Installing A Liquid Leak Detection System From PermAlert Can Prevent a Data Center Disaster

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With the growing adoption of liquid cooling technology, water or fluid leaks is a growing threat to data centers that should not be ignored. A well-designed liquid leak detection system can prevent catastrophic events such as system failure and extended downtime which leads to a huge financial loss.

PermAlert liquid leak detection systems have the precise solution to address any data centers specific requirements such as, monitoring conventional CRAC/CRAH units, chilled water pipes or liquid cooling systems.

Potential Risk Of Leakage In Data Centers

  • Chilled water pipe damage: Overhead piping has become increasingly more common in data center design, due to the adoption of evaporative cooling and in row cooling. However, leaks due to overhead pipe weld failure, corrosion or excessive operative pressures can be incredibly damaging to data centers.
  • Clogged drain line: While data center design has advanced significantly against water ingress from outside, storm water may still present a potential problem if the drains are clogged.
  • Condensation from cooling systems: Condensation could build up at the CRAC unit and chilled water pipe over time. These condensations can go undetected for an extended period of time, which may result in severe damage to IT equipment.

How Liquid Leak Detection Equipment Can Help

Liquid leak detection equipment such as the PermAlert PAL-AT panel can provide early detection of any water or liquid around the critical infrastructure or equipment, minimizing the risk of a disaster before it happens. PermAlert’s liquid leak detection equipment consists of a main control panel, jumper cable and sensing cable. The sensing cable provides unprecedented flexibility to monitor equipment or area of any size or shape.

Protect Your Data Center and Avoid Costly Repairs With PermAlert’s Liquid Leak Detection System.

PermAlert has been recognized as an industry leader since 1988. Invest in PermAlert’s liquid leak detection system and avoid extensive service interruptions that may result in significant financial loss for your data center

Contact PermAlert today for more information on the industry’s most reliable generator leak detection systems.

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