Nautilus Data Center
California, USA

Nautilus Data Technologies
Floating Water-Cooled Data Center


Nautilus Data Technologies Floating
Water-Cooled Data Center


Stockton, California


Data Center


Our client, Nautilus Data Technologies, a leading company in building high-performance, sustainable data centers, commissioned its first floating water-cooled data center in April 2021 to meet new high-performance computing (HPC) requirements. Nautilus data centers use its patented TRUE™ (Total Resource Usage Effectiveness) technologies to cool computer systems using recirculated water from the San Joaquin River. The data center operates at the highest level of energy efficiency, with no water consumption, no refrigerants, no water treatment chemicals, no wastewater, and no harm to wildlife. But building a data center on the water also presents engineering challenges not encountered by its land-based predecessors.  The client contacted PermAlert to install the PAL-AT liquid leak detection system for the entire pump station.

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