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Liquid Leak Detection System

High-performance monitoring systems engineered to protect facilities from water, chemical, or fuel leaks and ingress.

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PermAlert is excited to announce our new partnership with NBS Source…

PermAlert’s PAL-AT Leak Detection System* FM Approval now includes water as well as hydrocarbons.

PermAlert Leak Detection System Protecting Data Centres Since 1990

Avoid Costly Repairs And Prevent Service Downtime With Our Help

Aging pipes, and poorly installed plumbing can lead to significant leaks and damages if left unchecked.  And in mission critical facilities such as hospitals, data centers and airports, leaks can cause extensive service interruptions which could be extremely costly.

At PermAlert, we specialize in leak detection systems to help keep your facility operating in optimal condition. Our detection systems are FM approved and can detect any liquid leaks such as water, acid, corrosive chemicals and hydrocarbon fuel.

Our smart leak detection systems are highly effective and engineered to detect leaks with pinpoint accuracy and fast response time.  They are highly scalable and versatile system that can be deployed in indoor and outdoor environments as well as rated for hazardous locations.

Invest in leak detection system to protect your mission critical facilities and infrastructure.

Featured Products

PermAlert offers several purpose-built liquid leak detection systems to satisfy requirements for various commercial or industrial applications.

Water. Chemical. Hydrocarbon. No Problem.

Whether it is for generator fuel system, battery acid storage or HVAC water line, PermAlert has the right leak detection solution

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Leak detection system protecting data centers.
Leak detection systems for industrial pipeline leakage monitoring.

Engineered tough

Industry leading rugged sensing cable engineered and built to last.

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Safe sensing for hazardous applications

FM Global certified and ATEX approved intrinsically safe systems designed for hazardous locations (Hazloc). PermAlert Hazloc-ready panels are engineered with safety in mind.

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leak detection for the integrity of O&G pipeline systems.
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New enterprise software

PALCOM Manager® – web based real-time remote monitoring and reporting software solution. Access and monitor your PermAlert leak detection systems from anywhere.

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Why PermAlert?

PermAlert systems are manufactured and rigorously tested in our ISO 9001 certified US facility. With superior technology and unparalleled reputation for reliability, we can ensure your business is well protected for the long term with our smart leak sensors and systems.

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Why PermAlert water leak detection and liquid detection systems work.
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PermAlert Leak Detection
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