Deira Waterfront Development – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

First Mall & Hotel In Dubai Atop A Metro Station

The Deira Waterfront Development Plot 4 project consists of a three-story podium, two office buildings from four to eight floors, and a hotel of up to eight levels with an accessible rooftop area. Plot 4 was built on top of the existing construction of Palm Deira Metro Station. A state-of-the-art integrated transportation hub and the first mall in Dubai constructed atop a metro station. The unique retail concept is a wonder of engineering owing to its impressive structure and exceptional design.

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Nautilus Data Technologies Floating Water-Cooled Data Center – Stockton, California

Nautilus data centers use its patented TRUE™ (Total Resource Usage Effectiveness) technologies to cool computer systems using recirculated water from the San Joaquin River. The data center operates at the highest level of energy efficiency, with no water consumption, no refrigerants, no water treatment chemicals, no wastewater, and no harm to wildlife. But building a data center on the water also presents engineering challenges not encountered by its land-based predecessors.
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Nautilus Data Technologies Floating Water-Cooled Data Center

Jeddah Storm Water Drainage – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Pump Station Leak Detection System
The city was inundated with heavy rainfall on a regular basis, and flooding is a major concern. There was a massive effort underway to prepare a strategy to control and redirect storm water. The city had a plan to overhaul the current drainage system by updating and enlarging the pump stations. The client required a low maintenance and extremely reliable liquid leak detection system to monitor these new stations.
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Nevada, USA – Major Water Treatment Plant

A major water treatment plant provides potable water to a central metropolitan area. Eight different chemicals run through the facility involved in the treatment of the raw water. The facility has over a mile of double-contained piping distributing the chemicals to its points of use. To ensure the integrity of the process, the customer uses state-of-the-art systems to operate and monitor the plant.
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Water Treatment Facility Leak Detection System

Connecticut, USA – Major Global Sports Network Broadcasting Facility

Diesel Leak Detection System
A broadcasting facility runs 24/7 to support its programming for global sports fans. The facility has a state-of-the-art diesel generator plant room on its campus to ensure the entire facility has adequate backup power. To ensure proper fi­re & facility loss prevention and compliance to EPA standards.
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PermAlert Leak Detection
Intelligent - Accurate - Reliable